Rochelle VanKempen from Captive Images Hair Salon

Without my sponsor, my year would not have been possible. On July 21st, I met with my sponsor, in South Saint Paul. Rochelle and her husband David are great sponsors and supporters of the Inver Grove Heights Scholarship Program.

We had the opportunity to talk about events and highlights of my year. Bruce the Bug Guy at the Veterans Memorial Community Center, and the Rosemount Leprechaun Days Parade are a couple of my favorite recent events. There have been so many great events this year, its hard picking a favorite. We talked about upcoming events that I’m looking forward to like the Special Olympics Summer Luau and how soon it will be time to crown the 2015 Junior Miss Inver Grove Heights.

This has been a great year and I’m so thankful and happy to be sponsored by Rochelle at Captive Images Hair Salon.                                                                                            

  Audrey Wulfing                                                                                

 Junior Miss Inver Grove Heights 2014


Rosemount Leprechaun Days parade

 On July 19 2014, my royal sisters and I participated in the  . It was a nice day for a parade — the weather was just right! While we were getting our float set up, we got to see the Rosemount cheerleaders practice their routine. The pyramid they did was awesome! I noticed that some of the other cities from previous parades were in this one as well. It’s nice to see surrounding communities support each other and I’m glad I can be a part of it! Happy Parade season!!


Chloe Patnaude

Inver Grove Heights Little Princess 2014




Rice Street Festival Fashion Show



On July 18th, I attended the with board members Dan and Carol Swenson. I really enjoyed walking into the room full of friendly candidates and getting to know them, as well as catching up withother visiting royalties. The St. Paul Winter Carnival royal family was there as well — they are always a fun group to hang out with! The fashion show itself was a really great way to get to know the candidatesas they displayed an “all about me” outfit, which they further explained upon arriving at the end of the runway. In addition, the candidates modeled a business attire outfit and a formal gown, which both also related and displayed their personalities. They are definitely a unique, outgoing, and accomplished group of women and I can’t wait to see who gets selected at the Rice Street Coronation in a few weeks. Our own Kati Giles (Miss Inver Grove Heights 2011) is a candidate vying for one the Rice Street crowns.  Good luck Kati!!  To end the night, I had the pleasure of going out for ice cream with Dan and Carol! What a fun night!


Kelsey Stout

Miss Inver Grove Heights 2014

Associated Bank Sponsor Visit

AssociatedBank1 AssociatedBank2As my year winds down, I want to take one more opportunity to thank my sponsor.  Associated Bank has given me a year of memories, and I am grateful for their support in  the Inver Grove Heights Scholarship Program.

I have been given an opportunity this year to be an ambassador for our community.  I represented Inver Grove Heights through community service projects and attending other community events around Minnesota and in Wisconsin.  Thank you to Associated Bank for sponsoring.

Without sponsors, this program wouldn’t exist.  Yes, I will receive a scholarship at the end of my reign, but this program is so much more.  I have more self-confidence when meeting new people; I am more comfortable talking in front of groups; I have had an opportunity to meet some amazing people; and most of all, I have five royal sisters for life.

Thank you Associated Bank.  You have provided me with memories of a lifetime.


Natalie Taufen

2014 Little Miss Inver Grove Heights 2014

RE/MAX Specialists Sponsor Visit

ReMaxI was so happy to meet with Nickie Kraus  my sponsor with RE/MAX Specialists.  This was our second and final meeting. I had so much to talk about since the last time we met.  I was so excited to tell her everything that my royal family and I having been doing over the past year. I told her about Feed My Starving Children, the Twins game, parades, and my service projects.  I am so grateful to Nickie and RE/MAX Specialists for sponsoring me!   They have given me a great opportunity to help not only my community but surrounding communities as well. I have learned a lot and have made a lot of memories to last a lifetime!

Chloe Patnaude

2014 Inver Grove Heights Little Princess

Heartland Credit Union Sponsor Visit

As my year as Inver Grove Heights Princess is coming to a close, there are many thanks that I need to give.  One in particular is to my sponsor Heartland Credit Union.  If it wasn’t for you, I would not be where I am today.  Heartland is such a great sponsor for the Miss Inver Grove Heights Scholarship Program.  Thank you for letting us use your conference rooms for our numerous meetings we’ve had throughout the year.  Thank you for being so welcoming as soon as anyone walks through the door!

To Kathy, thank you for showing me around Heartland and telling me all about Heartland and what it does for our community.

Also, thank you for telling me the difference between a credit union and a bank (since I didn’t really know before I was assigned Heartland Credit Union as my sponsor).

heartlandcuIt has been such an honor to be graciously sponsored by Heartland Credit Union.

I hope you guys enjoy those cookies I brought in!! 🙂

Thanks again!

Kacie Bartholomew

2014 Inver Grove Heights Princess

Quality Auto Care Sponsor Visit

IMG_1416I recently visited with my sponsor Bruce from Quality Auto Care.  We caught up on how my year was going so far and how quickly it is coming to a close.  I presented him with a framed “royal” picture of myself, and a few photos from throughout my year to put into the photo book I gave him at our first meeting.  Without the support of Bruce and Quality Auto Care, my year would not have been possible.

Thank you Bruce and enjoy the big bag of Snickers (my favorite candy by the way *wink* *wink*) candy bars!

Valerie Marlowe

Inver Grove Heights Junior Princess 2014

Dan Grevas Sponsor Visit

DanGrevasOn Tuesday, July 29th, I visited my sponsor Dan Grevas at his studio for the final official time during my reign. It certainly will not be my last time there though! Through these past few years of knowing him (prior to being a candidate to now as an outgoing royal ambassador with his sponsorship) both my parents and I have grown to love Dan and his family. I had a lot of fun catching up with him and having lots of laughs! We discussed the many things I have done since our last visit, as well as upcoming events like the fundraising dinner and coronation. We also talked about how amazing it was that the year had flown by so fast. It has indeed been a great and quick year, and none of this would have been possible for me without Dan! I am so very grateful for him and his generosity and support for me through this amazing journey. To top off the visit, I gave Dan a star-shaped candy bowl to symbolize our program’s star themeand, of course, lots of chocolate! Thank you very much for your supportand enjoy the candy, Dan!

Kelsey Stout

Miss Inver Grove Heights 2014

Service Project – Chloe Patnaude

CAM01025I chose to serve Dakota Pediatric Clinic as one of my service projects. My brother has been a patient for 17 years. I have been a patient for 9 years and my sister has been a patient for 7 years. I was trying to think of a way to help them out since they have taken such good care of us. So, I came up with the idea to volunteer to sanitize and clean the whole clinic. From sanitizing A LOT of toys to door handles, cabinets, chairs, video game controllers, exam rooms, desks, counter tops, sinks, toilets and bathrooms, I don’t think we left that place with a germ! Even the windows and glass doors were cleaned. The staff was so thankful and appreciative, I was glad I could give back! I had asked how often the staff had to sanitize the waiting room and they told me daily! That makes me feel good though knowing they are preventing the spread of germs from patient to patient. Dakota Pediatric Clinic is located in Inver Grove Heights. It was founded by Jane VanRoekel (who I miss) and her husband in 1984. Dr VanRoekel’s son Robert Deeb currently operates the clinic.

Chloe Patnaude

Inver Grove Heights Little Miss Princess 2014

2014 Rice Street Festival Coronation

On Sunday, July 27th, my royal family and I attended the Rice Street Festival Coronation.  It was really fun for me personally because I had had the opportunity the week before at the Rice Street Fashion Show.  In addition, I go to school with one of the candidates, and another was a former Miss Inver Grove Heights! We mingled with some visiting royalty before the ceremony began which was nice because I then had the opportunity to catch up with the New Brighton royalty — haven’t seen them in a while.  2014-RiceStreetFestival2The coronation was short and sweet and, although there were some technical difficulties with the outgoing ladies’ slideshows, they talked about their year and their many experiences with grace.  My royal sisters and I will truly miss these three young women as we got to know them very well during our reign. They did a wonderful job representing Rice Street and I know the newly chosen ambassadors will as well!  All of the candidates were stunning and I definitely do not envy the judges!  I am looking forward to seeing them at some of our upcoming events.

Kelsey Stout

2014 Miss Inver Grove Heights