2017 Junior Miss Service Project – Removing Japanese Hedge Parsley

During the summer I participated in a Japanese hedge parsley challenge where I needed to get 6 hours or more of picking the weed.  Japanese hedge parsley is a weed that’s spreads aggressively, I achieved this challenge

Ally Mraz

2017 Junior Miss

2017 Junior Miss Service Project – Cory’s Closet

This summer I collected toiletries and person items from people for Cory and Connie’s closet, I had 2 boxes and a bag full of things, I gave half of it to the South St. Paul High School and the other half to Simley High School. Cory and Connie’s closet is an organization where they have personal items for student who can’t get those things themselves, In Dakota county there is over 800 homeless children. This program makes it easier for them

Ally Mraz

2017 Junior Miss

2017 Little Miss 2nd Service Project

For my 2nd service project, I gathers items for two baskets, a baking one, with cake mix, oven mitts, cupcake tins, measuring cups, cookies, frosting etc.. and adult coloring one, several color books, markers, crayons, and color pencils, and candy, they were set out at MN oncology for the patients and staff to buy a raffle ticket for a $1.00 and all the money raise is donated back to the Angel foundation, which helps and supports patients and their families.

Payton Litz

2017 Little Miss

2017 Woodbury Coronation

On Monday August 28, my royal family and I got to attend the coronation of the Woodbury Royalty. It was a sad event because we have spent all year getting to know these wonderful girls and now they are done. It is our final coronation before our own. We bought all the candidates with us so they can see how much fun attending a coronation is. It was fun seeing the new royalty crowned. I hope they have a great year.

Katie Mitchell
2017 Junior Princess

2017 Miss Sponsor Visit

I would like to thank Gino from the Inver Grove Heights Gerten’s for sponsoring me this year. He was the key component to my amazing journey. The willingness to sponsor me has allowed me to be apart of a program that helps build and grow my personality. I have developed my skills in leadership, time management, public speaking, interviews, meeting friends, responsibility, volunteerism, and so much more. His donation helped pay for our wardrobe, kick off dinners, parade float, and a scholarship at the end of my rein. I am blessed to have Gino my sponsor, I would not be the woman I am today without him!

Kristi Schulz

2017 Miss Inver Grove Heights

2017 Princess Sponsor Visit

I am glad I was able to meet with my sponsor Dan Grevas during the Miss Inver Grove Heights Kick Off Dinner.

I’m thankful for a wonderful sponsor for supporting me during the past year and also for providing us with beautiful photos of our royal family! It’s been a wonderful year and it would not have been possible without the support of each and every sponsor, but I’d like to specifically give a huge thanks to my sponsor Dan Grevas Photography and hope his support of this wonderful program continues throughout the future!

Megan Rauschnot

2017 Inver Grove Heights Princess

2017 Hudson Pepper Fest

On August 19th My royal sisters and I attended the Hudson Pepper fest! We had a cool Queens tea with other royal courts and the Winter Carnival Crew, it was a great morning, While waiting the parade and visiting the other floats, our music prompted a sing along with the Klondike Kate float and all the beautiful ladies, it was fun. After the parade we got in line for our turn at the Spaghetti eating contest, we didn’t win, but we did a great job, and our Queen Kristie managed to do it in 42 secs. We danced and laughed and got to wear cool bandanas, Great day put on by Hudson.

Payton Litz

2017 Little Miss Inver Grove 2017

2017 Junior Miss Sponsor Visit

On August 15, I went to see my sponsor from Old World Pizza. I told them how grateful I am that they are my sponsor. I had the best time this year and it wouldn’t have been possible without them.
Thanks Old World Pizza! You’re the best!

Katie Mitchell

2017 Junior Miss Princess

2017 Candidate Pancake Breakfast

On Sunday August 13th my royal family, along with the 2018 royalty candidates, spent the morning serving pancakes, sausage and beverages to family, friends and supporters of the IGH Royalty program. We were able to meet a lot of friendly people. There was also a star tree. People were able to buy a star for $10 and then they got a prize for it.

All prizes were valued at more than the $10 paid for the star. Once people were done eating we helped clean up the tables. At the end of the event I was able to eat my own breakfast with my family. It was yummy!

Abigail Cheyka

2017 Little Princess

2017 Miss Inver Grove Heights Kick Off Dinner

The Miss Inver Grove Heights Kick Off Dinner was quite a secret evening. Our royal court had a wonderful time celebrating our past year and learning more about each of the new candidates. It was a great time visiting with the other surrounding communities and also seeing many of our sponsors that support this wonderful program. Our royal court did a wonderful job presenting there speeches and I was so proud to see the younger girls speak so confidently. I loved watching the candidates skits and seeing there unique all about me outfits that were presented during the event. I can’t wait for the coronation in order to see which candidates will be honored with the opportunity to represent the city of Inver Grove Heights!

Megan Rauschnot

2017 Inver Grove Heights Princess