2018 Kaposia Days Coronation

2018 Kaposia Days Parade

2018 Farmington Dew Days

2018 Strawberry Fest Coronation

Kaposia Days Kick off Dinner 2018

It was fun to attend the Kaposia Days kick off dinner. We were able to talk with the candidates and learn a little bit more about each of them. The night was filled with good conversation and a wonderful dinner. Each of the candidates had to do a commercial about their sponsors and did a wonderful job!

Your Jr Miss Ashley






2018 Farmington Coronation

South Saint Paul candidate show case

On May 23nd, my royal sisters and I went to the South St. Paul candidate showcase. The candidates introduced themselves and answered a fishbowl question. They also made a dish to bring and explained why they made it. It was really good! I can’t wait till the coronation in June!
-Jr. Princess Grace

Little Miss Sponsor Visit 2018

Today, I visited Tim at Drkula’s, my sponsor. I told him about the upcoming events we have for this summer. I talked about the Westby weekend.

We talked about the Cottage Grove parade and Dew Days this weekend. I told him I might be doing a spaghetti eating contest at Pepperfest. I thanked him for his sponsorship and support of or program. I let him know how much fun I am having and the friendships I have made with my royal sisters. I am lucky to have such a nice sponsor.

2018 Little Miss Piper

Westby 2018

Our royal family had the privilege to travel to Westby Wisconsin for their hometown festival        Syttende Mai. The weekend was filled with so many fun things, we got to watch the kiddie parade where the children were all dressed up in their Norwegian costumes, we got to see the beautiful rosemaling,  wood working, and we ate some of the traditional treats like rommegrot (it was surprisingly delicious you can look up the recipe and you will see why I was surprised). One of my favorite parts of the trip was the Amish shopping. Dan and Carol Swenson were our tour guides as we drove through the country visiting the different Amish shops, the assortment of flowers, bakery goods, and spices to purchase were great. On the last day of the weekend we got to visit with several different royalty groups and to top the weekend off we attended their parade. Thanks for the great time!

Jr Miss Ashley


New Candidate Info Session

On May 15, 2018, my royal sisters and I attended the new candidate information session at the Inver Glen Library. We first introduced ourselves and then the new upcoming candidates introduced themselves. We shared with the group what our favorite events have been so far and talked about the service projects we have done. Stephanie talked about the parades and all the events that the girls may participate in during the candidacy. Two of the potential candidates are friends from my school. It was fun to see them there and I can’t wait to see if they are crowned. I remember back to when I was an upcoming candidate and how excited, but nervous I was. It was a nice evening to share with my royal sisters and the girls who came to the meeting.

2018 Little Miss