2018 Winter Carnival Parade

On Saturday, January 27th my royal Inver Grove Heights family and I were in the Winter Carnival Parade. There were so many different floats to look at. I really enjoyed riding on the float with all my royal family. The weather was cold, but the sun came out so that was really nice and  just in time for the parade! We drove by the Ice Castle it was really fun, cool and beautiful to see. I also liked seeing the Huskies in the parade. The Oktoberfest  float that was a bunch of little house was adorable.  The fliers were a lot of fun to watch jump! They really out did themselves.  I was really happy that we were able to participate in this event.


2018 Little Miss Princess



2018 Winter Carnival Fashion Show

On January 20th, 2018 I got the opportunity to attend the Winter Carnival fashion show. Before the fashion started I was able to visit with some other royal families attending and meet some more of the lovely candidates for Queen of the Snows. There was a raffle for some cool prizes as well as a lot of great vendors from around the twin cities area. The fashion show was super fun to watch and there were so many cute outfits! My favorite part of the event was seeing the formal gowns, which were all so beautiful. I had a fun time, and am excited for more winter carnival festivities!

Miss Princess 2018



2018 Winter Carnival Ambassador dinner

On January 11th, 2018 my royal sister, Hanah, and I attended the Winter Carnival Ambassador Dinner. The evening started with a social hour and silent auction. It was really fun to be able to talk with those involved in the Winter Carnival Program, visit with other royal families, and meet many of the wonderful candidates for Queen of the Snows. After the social hour we had a delicious dinner and had a great time talking with the people at our table. Later we got to see the new Klondike Kate and hear a little more about each of the candidates and listen to each of them answer a fishbowl question. They all did a wonderful job and we are very excited for the new Queen of the Snows to be crowned!

Miss Princess 2018


2017 Junior Winter Carnival Coronation

This past Saturday, my royal sisters and I, went to the Junior Winter Carnival Coronation at Woodbury High School. We watched the coronation and we met the 2018 candidates, as well as the current 2017 royalty.  One of the candidates was Katie Mitchell and it was nice to be there to support her. We also watched a slide show that showed what the current royalty did the past year. We met a lot of other royalty groups, which was really fun. My favorite part was the crowing. It was a really fun event.
Piper Larson
2018 Little Miss

2017 Salvation Army Bell Ringing

On December 16th, 2018 my royal family and I participated in the Bell Ringing event at Cub Foods in Inver Grove Heights. We rang the bell to raise money for the Salvation Army. We did a pole to see if singing carols versus just ringing would raise more money and people donated more with carols.  We said Thanks, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We even got to take a picture with the great big bear in the store. This event was so much fun!

Little Miss Princess 2018



2017 Junior Winter Carnival Chili cook off

On December 10th, the Inver Grove Heights Royal Court joined the St. Paul Junior Winter Carnival at their Chili Cook Off! Felicia, Ashley, Grace and I enjoyed chili made by the candidates, the Junior Royalty, and the St. Paul Winter Carnival Royalty. They had such an amazing turn out, it was packed at the Moose Lodge. We also got to talk with other royal courts like West Saint Paul and Woodbury! They had a silent auction and a judging of who made the best chili. It was really fun to see everyone and meet the new candidates for the Junior Winter Carnival Royal Court. The four of us had so much fun even though we ate way too much and I was hobbling around on crutches! Thank you to the St. Paul Winter Carnival for inviting us! We are so glad we could attend.


Miss Inver Grove Heights



2017 Skate with Santa

On Saturday, December 9th, my royal sisters and I went to the Skate with Santa event at Veterans’ Memorial Community Center. We helped people get the right size skates and served hot cocoa and cookies. Later we got to skate too. It was really fun to see all the little kids skating, and we took lots of pictures with kids and Santa! This event was really fun!


2018 Jr Miss Princess



2017 Breakfast with Santa

On Saturday December 9 my royal sisters and I were able attended Breakfast with Santa at the Inver Grove Heights Veterans Memorial Community Center . This event was so much fun, we were able to see lots of kids and their families enjoying the Christmas season together. The Parks and Rec department put on a great event! Along with breakfast the kids were able to do arts and crafts, jump in the bouncy house, and the most important was a visit with Santa. So many little boys and girls were excited to sit on his lap, but there were a few crying ones as well. Thank you to the Parks and Rec staff for having us at this fun event.


Junior Miss Inver Grove Heights 2018


2017 Special Olympic Christmas Party

This past weekend we had the opportunity to help out with the Special Olympics Christmas Party. This event is so important to many of the athletes and their families, it is a chance to honor the athletes and a time to celebrate their accomplishments as well as Christmas. Cathy Johnston has been putting on this event for several years and it is near and dear to her heart because she lost a son who had down syndrome when he was very young. We were so happy to help doing face painting, painting fingernails, and singing Christmas carols. Santa came and read the Night Before Christmas and passed out presents to all of the athletes. We had so much fun and were glad we were invited to such a wonderful event.



Junior Miss Inver Grove Heights 2018


2017 Meet the City Council

Meet the City Council, November 27th, 2017

On November 27th, the Inver Grove Heights Royal Court attended a City Council meeting! It was so amazing to be included in something that influential on our town. We got to talk about what our program does and how we are able to help City of Inver Grove Heights with various events. We took photos with Mayor Tourville and the Council. We also presented the Mayor with a photo of us in a frame as a gift for having us! It was so fun to talk to them and be in front of such an amazing group of people!


Miss Inver Grove Heights 2018