Little Miss 2nd service project

For my second service project, I chose to collect clothes to donate to the clothing closet at Neighbor’s Inc. I chose to do this, because it’s a nice way to help those who need affordable clothing. The money collected from the sales of the clothing goes to the food pantry and stocking it. It is important to me that I help the community, because it makes me feel good knowing I can help people in need. It helps clean out people’s closets and goes to a good cause, too.
The first round of collections, I collected 327 items. Yudi, who is one of the directors at the clothing closet, was so excited to see how many things I brought in. I collected from friends, my mom’s friends, and family, for a grand total of 614 items. My mom’s car was so full that we had to make two trips.
It’s really nice knowing that I can help fill up the clothing racks at the store. The people who work there are really fun and nice and they made it a fun experience donating everything to them.
2018 Little Miss Piper

2018 May Day 5K

May Day 5k, May 5th, 2018

On May 5th, the Inver Grove Heights Royal Court attended the 20th Annual May Day 5K. It was a very nice day for a run, or for many, a walk! Before the race we socialized and took pictures. Then we got to cheer on the racers and hand them water bottles as they crossed the finish line. After everyone came back they got to enjoy hot dogs, which were cooked by the American Legion! Once everyone had calmed down after the race, the girls and I held a hula hoop contest! Good thing I was not participating because I am definitely not good at it! The May Day 5K was so fun. We are so glad we got to spend the day with our community. Congratulations to all the racers!

Miss Inver Grove Heights



2018 West Saint Paul Kick Off Dinner

On the evening of April 21st Grace and I attended the West Saint Paul Kick off dinner. We got to socialize with the current West Saint Paul Royalty, along with many other visiting royalty, as well as a few members of the community. Some the community member were presented with awards and there was a live dessert auction. Grace and I had a great time at the event but, it was bitter sweet since they will not have royalty for the upcoming year.

Junior Miss, Ashley


2018 Good Samaritan Brunch

On the afternoon of April 21st Felicia, Grace, and I attended the Good Samaritan luncheon. We

started off by greeting guests at the door and socializing. After everyone arrived we took our

seats and we were served a very delicious breakfast. We got to listen to one of Good Samaritan

board members talk about her experience with Good Samaritan. This was followed by a fashion

show in which family and friends of the Good Samaritan residents showcased clothing. Overall it

was a very fun and touching afternoon.

Junior Miss, Ashley



SSP/ IGH Rotarian Dinner 2018

2018 Little Miss Service Project

For my service project, I chose to volunteer at the Animal Humane Society. On March 4th, in Golden Valley, I took a class to become certified as a Rescue Reader. This means that I can read to the animals in the shelter to calm them down and make them feel happy until they are placed in a home. On March 7th in Woodbury, I read to cats and dogs. Reading to the animals really made them feel much safer, because many come to the shelter feeling very scared.
I also made tie blankets for the animals. I made seven large  blankets and it took a lot of time. The tie blankets make the animals feel warm. From the scraps of the blankets, I made chew toys. The animals feel so much better when they have something to play with. The shelter was so happy for more blankets, because they ran out!
I chose this project because I love animals and love helping them. I believe they deserve a chance, just as much as we do.
This was a really fun service project and I am so happy that I could help the animals at the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley and Woodbury.
Little Miss Piper

2018 Easter Egg Hunt

2018 Miss Princess 2nd Service Project

2018 Jr Miss Sponsor visit

On Wednesday March 7th I had the opportunity to meet with my sponsor the Inver Grove Heights and South Saint Paul Rotary. I joined them for lunch and got an insight on what their weekly meeting is all about. I had the opportunity to meet many of the members who have supported me so far this year. I spoke about my service project that I did back in October and the one that I am currently working on. I also had the opportunity to meet the president of Neighbors Inc. which is an organization that I worked with on my first service project. I had a great time and I can`t wait to go back to visit with them again.

Junior Miss Inver Grove Heights



2018 Woodbury Luau

On Saturday March 3rd Little Miss Piper, Little Miss princess Cheyanne, and I attended a luau which was hosted by the Woodbury royalty. We had lots of fun learning new dances and competing in the hula hoop and limbo contest. We got to interact with a lot of other royalty groups and learn more about the current Woodbury royalty. We ended the night by getting some yummy treats from the bake sale that was being held at the event. Overall I had a great time accompanied by Piper and Cheyanne who always make events fun.

Junior Miss Inver Grove Heights