2019 Daddy Daughter Date Night

On Friday February 8,  2019 I had the privilege to go to the Daddy Daughter Date Night at the Veterans Memorial Community center. I loved to see the smiles that my royal court and I put on the kids faces. I had so much fun hanging out with my community.
Junior Miss Princess

2019 Winter Carnival Torchlight Parade

This parade was truly a spectacular event! For my first time ever, I attended the Vulcan Victory Torchlight Parade and it made the whole celebration of Winter Carnival even more fun! Tessa and I rode on the West Wind float with our dearest Stephanie Sutton, who was a West Wind Princess in 2004. Before the parade started we got to mingle around with the visiting royalty and it was so nice to see some of the girls I met at Queen’s weekend, like the girls from New Brighton, Woodbury, South St. Paul, and Cottage Grove. Of course the Rice Street ladies were there as well, and it’s always a great time when they’re around. Overall it was a lot warmer than last weekend so that really made it easy to keep our smiles on, since our cheeks weren’t numb this time. We love the West Winds, and wouldn’t have wanted to ride with anyone else, YEE HAW!!!

2019 Miss Inver Grove Heights




Neighbors Cub Bagging

On Saturday,  February 2nd we bagged groceries at the IGH cub foods for Neighbors, Inc. We helped raise money through donations and selling bags of food for the Neighbor’s food shelf.

2019 Little Queen


Jr. Miss Sponsor Visit

On January 28th I had the opportunity to meet with my sponsors Brian and Vicki Dzieweczynski, Old World Pizza. I wanted to  thank them for sponsoring myself and the program. We talked about what events I had done and the fun I was having. Thanks once again for supporting our program.

Junior Miss


2019 Miss Queens Service Project

On January 30th, the day everything (except my job) closed, I braved the cold and finally completed my first service project! I decided to create a fundraiser on Facebook for helping the homeless and surprisingly, I got a lot of donations and some great feedback on it! I ended up raising around $300 and I went and bought discounted toiletries off Amazon (and a few from Target). My original plan was to create care packages and hand-deliver them to the homeless people who reside in what is now labelled, “Tent City” but after speaking with my mother and a Minneapolis police officer, I was advised to stay away from that area due to unsafe conditions for not only the people living there but visitors as well. From then on, I set out to find the most deserving homeless shelter that I wanted donate my goods to. I stumbled upon the organization called People Serving People and decided to share my gifts with them. It took me a couple tries, because my schedule has been so busy, but I finally found the time to deliver the toiletries and I’m so glad I chose this organization. They are still in need of items so if anyone has any extra items that fall under a category on the list, please do not hesitate to bring them there! They are in Minneapolis at 614 S 3rd Street and they are open every day from 9am-5pm.

If you are unable to donate to them, lets at least spread the word about this great organization!

2019 Miss Inver Grove Heights Queen




2019 Winter Carnival Coronation

My Royal sisters and I had the honor of attending the St. Paul Winter Carnival Coronation. We had so much fun meeting royalty all the way from Florida and South Dakota.  It was very exciting to get to meet them and mingle with other royalties. We even got to see our Miss Queen, Joy, for a couple of minutes before she went off to continue her fun at Queens weekend.

2019 Miss Princess




Winter Carnival Grand Day Parade

On January 26th, me and my royal sisters had the privilege to be in the Winter Carnival parade. It was very cold, but worth it. We got to see all the Winter Carnival people that were new. We also got to see past royalty. It was so much fun I had a great time.

2019 Little Princess



2019 Queen of the Snows Fashion Show

On Saturday January 19th, 2019. I had the privilege to attend the queen of the snows fashion show. The fashion show was a blast and they have great options for the upcoming winter carnival. I got to take a lot of pictures and I also had the privilege to meet Sheryl the 2019 Klondike Kate. Not to mention the clothes where amazing!

 Junior Miss Princess

2019 Miss Sponsorship visit

One foundation for this program consists of our sponsors. Our sponsors do so much for the royal court and we wouldn’t be here without them. I am proudly sponsored by Quality Auto Care Center, a business run on genuine servitude. Bruce Bairakataris, the owner of Quality Auto Care Center, has sponsored our program for many years and we are truly grateful. I felt the need to thank him personally as well as a whole from all the young females who were impacted by his generousity. Bruce is truly the kindest soul and I am so proud to have him as my sponsor. Thanks again Bruce!

2019 Miss Inver Grove Heights



2019 Winter Carnival Candidate Dinner

On January 10th, 2019, Tessa and I attended the candidate dinner for the St. Paul Winter Carnival Royalty. It was so amazing to get to know all the candidates, and the food was so delicious! It was also nice to see Tim, our own MC for our coronation. I love the humor he always brings to the stage. All these beautiful ladies deserve a spot on the Royalty. I’m excited to see who gets crowned!



Miss Inver Grove Heights Queen