2018 Special Olympic Luau

Our royal family of the Miss Inver Grove Heights scholarship program went and volunteered for the Special Olympics Lau. The event was held at the VFW in South St. Paul. The new candidates were also there that are running for the Miss IGH program. Together we helped serve food, great guests and danced with all the guests. We really had a fun time with all the athletes present at this event. We all had so much fun and bonded with the athletes, candidates and family members that were there. I really enjoyed this event with all the celebration and would enjoy helping again.
Thank You,
2018 Little Miss Princess Cheyanne

2018 Common Sense with Seniors

On Thursday, July 26th, my royal sisters and I attended the Common Sense Seniors fishing trip with this year’s Miss IGH candidates. There were a few extra poles so some of the girls tried fishing. They caught a few fish, but most just stole the bait. It was a small turnout due to the weather, but it was still fun!
Jr. Princess Grace

2018 Town Square Television

On Monday my royal sisters and I filmed a segment about our scholarship program with Town Square Television. In our portion of the programming, we talked about the history of our program, the candidacy process, and our goal of “making a difference in the lives of young women” by building our personal skills such as speaking, interviewing, and minding our image presentation, as well as teaching us the value of service to others. The candidates were also at the event, and had the opportunity to introduce themselves and talk a little bit about their interests and why they want to be a part of our program. It has been fun getting to know all of the candidates, and I’m excited to see what the rest of the year has in store!
2018 Miss IGH Princess

2018 Jr Princess Service Project

For my second service project, I donated to the Animal Humane Society in Woodbury. I went door to door in my neighborhood to collect items from the AHS wish list. I collected  eight bags full of old towels, blankets, Kleenex, paper towels, and pet food. My mom helped me get 1,200 newspapers from the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and the AHS employees were very excited to see them all! I am so glad to have helped the animals by donating to the AHS.
Jr. Princess Grace

2018 Rice Street Parade

This year was the first time in a long time that we attended the Rice Street Parade. The people on the parade route were so welcoming. There were a lot of little prince and princess along the parade that were so excited and eager to see us. Rice Street thank you for making this a special parade we hope to be back again next year.

Jr Queen Ashley


2018 Kaposia Days Coronation

2018 Kaposia Days Parade

2018 Farmington Dew Days

2018 Strawberry Fest Coronation

Kaposia Days Kick off Dinner 2018

It was fun to attend the Kaposia Days kick off dinner. We were able to talk with the candidates and learn a little bit more about each of them. The night was filled with good conversation and a wonderful dinner. Each of the candidates had to do a commercial about their sponsors and did a wonderful job!

Your Jr Miss Ashley