2017 Woodbury Kick-Off Dinner

The Inver Grove Heights Royalty attended the Woodbury Kickoff dinner. We met the excited candidates and visited with other royal courts. There were homemade desserts available from the younger age group. From the miss division, there were baskets auctioned off. All of the proceeds help the program. We had a delicious beef dinner to top it all off! Great to see the mayor and sponsors in attendance supporting these lovely women!! Can’t wait to watch these candidates take on Coronation!

Kristi Schulz

2017 Miss Inver Grove Heights

2017 National Night Out

On Tuesday August 1st, my royal family and I got to attend some parties around Inver Grove Heights. We had so much fun visiting with a lot of new people. We even got to stop at the party in my neighborhood. We saw a bunch of firetrucks, and the K-9 unit. My favorite part was getting to visit all the different parts of Inver Grove and meeting all the new people. I can’t wait until National Night out next year.

Katie Mitchell

2017 Junior Princess

2017 Rice Street Festival Coronation

On July 30th the royal family and I went to Rice street coronation, They held it outside with Subway, and music, and it was a nice day, It was a lot of fun to meet the candidate’s, but sad to see the royal ladies go, but even more excited to see the new royal court, One of Inver grove Heights past Queens was crowned princess, Stephanie Fox! So proud of her.

Payton Litz

2017 Little Miss

2017 Rosemount Leprechaun Days Parade

Today we had the opportunity to attend the Leprechaun Days Parade in Rosemount. We had a great time seeing their community come together for a great festival. It was fun seeing other royalty including Farmington and The St Paul Winter Carnival! It was a beautiful sunny day and a such a wonderful parade.

Megan Rauschnot

2017 Princess

2017 Little Miss Service Project

On July 24th for my first service project I work for the Sarcoma in the park party at Como Zoo for Minnesota Oncology, I worked the both playing plinko with patients and family’s, We handed out sunscreen, and lip balm and scarfs, and bags to all who stopped by, it was great to meet many patients and hear their stories.

Payton Litz
2017 Little Miss Inver Grove Heights

2017 Princess Service Project

On July 26th I completed my final service project as Miss Inver Grove Heights Princess. This service project involved me collecting donations of plastic bags from community members and then using them for a better purpose. I organized them and brought them to the Animal Humane Society in Woodbury. These bags then are reused for cleanup purposes for the animals in need. I collected over 150 bags and the workers were in aww at the donation. I’m glad to have been able to help out a local animal shelter!

Megan Rauschnot

2017 Inver Grove Heights Princess

2017 Feed My Starving Children Candidate Event

On July 25th my royal sisters and I went to feed my starving children with all the candidates. We made up a cheer to yell after we finished packing a box. We packed 125 boxes and 27,000 meals, I had a really fun time volunteering at FMSC.

Ally Mraz

2017 Junior Miss

2017 Sparkle Night

On Tuesday July 18, my Royal Family and I got to attend Sparkle Night at the Twins game. It was so fun to get to walk the field and our pictures were on the Jumbotron when we crossed home plate. It was my first Twins game ever. It was great seeing all the other Royal Families but my favorite part was after the game. I met a little girl at the train station who was so excited to meet a princess and take a picture with me. I loved seeing how happy she was.

Katie Mitchell

2017 Junior Princess

2017 Eagan Funfest

On the Fourth of July I had the opportunity to support Eagan Fun Fest at their parade and ice cream eating competition. My royal family and I had a wonderful time at the beautiful pre parade celebration where we had great breakfast and visited with the surrounding communities ambassadors. I especially enjoyed this parade because of the amount of community members that came to support and the excitement throughout the entire crowd! I really had a good time at the end festivities which included an ice cream eating competition in which Kristi was able to compete in the championship round! I’m glad to have had the opportunity to support such a wonderful festival as well as celebrate Independence Day with my royal family!

Megan Rauschnot
2017 Miss Inver Grove Heights Princess


2017 South Saint Paul Coronation

On Saturday the twenty-fourth, my royal sister and I attended the South St Paul Coronation. At first, the current royalty and candidates put on a dance to “You’re never fully dressed without a smile” by Sia. After that they introduced the current ambassadors and the candidates. Then the judges, board of directors, dignitaries, former South St. Paul royalty, and visiting royalty. The candidates entered on stage in their formal gowns to present them for the audience. After each girl circled the stage and they ended up by the hosts, where they were asked a fishbowl question. Once all the girls have made their way around the stage and answered there question it was time for the slideshow. All three girls gave their farewell speech and shared the fun memories they had. The candidates were asked back on stage and and Kelsey Tompkins won Miss Congeniality and Kristen Coan won miss buttons. Out of the six girls, Heidi Therres and Emily Eidenschink won princess and Kristen Coan won queen. After the crowning there was a reception where we took a picture with the new ambassadors, ate cupcakes, and mingled.

Ally Mraz

2017 Junior Miss Inver Grove Heights