2017 South Saint Paul Coronation

On Saturday the twenty-fourth, my royal sister and I attended the South St Paul Coronation. At first, the current royalty and candidates put on a dance to “You’re never fully dressed without a smile” by Sia. After that they introduced the current ambassadors and the candidates. Then the judges, board of directors, dignitaries, former South St. Paul royalty, and visiting royalty. The candidates entered on stage in their formal gowns to present them for the audience. After each girl circled the stage and they ended up by the hosts, where they were asked a fishbowl question. Once all the girls have made their way around the stage and answered there question it was time for the slideshow. All three girls gave their farewell speech and shared the fun memories they had. The candidates were asked back on stage and and Kelsey Tompkins won Miss Congeniality and Kristen Coan won miss buttons. Out of the six girls, Heidi Therres and Emily Eidenschink won princess and Kristen Coan won queen. After the crowning there was a reception where we took a picture with the new ambassadors, ate cupcakes, and mingled.

Ally Mraz

2017 Junior Miss Inver Grove Heights