Heartland Credit Union Sponsor Visit

As my year as Inver Grove Heights Princess is coming to a close, there are many thanks that I need to give.  One in particular is to my sponsor Heartland Credit Union.  If it wasn’t for you, I would not be where I am today.  Heartland is such a great sponsor for the Miss Inver Grove Heights Scholarship Program.  Thank you for letting us use your conference rooms for our numerous meetings we’ve had throughout the year.  Thank you for being so welcoming as soon as anyone walks through the door!

To Kathy, thank you for showing me around Heartland and telling me all about Heartland and what it does for our community.

Also, thank you for telling me the difference between a credit union and a bank (since I didn’t really know before I was assigned Heartland Credit Union as my sponsor).

heartlandcuIt has been such an honor to be graciously sponsored by Heartland Credit Union.

I hope you guys enjoy those cookies I brought in!! 🙂

Thanks again!

Kacie Bartholomew

2014 Inver Grove Heights Princess