Dan Grevas Sponsor Visit

DanGrevasOn Tuesday, July 29th, I visited my sponsor Dan Grevas at his studio for the final official time during my reign. It certainly will not be my last time there though! Through these past few years of knowing him (prior to being a candidate to now as an outgoing royal ambassador with his sponsorship) both my parents and I have grown to love Dan and his family. I had a lot of fun catching up with him and having lots of laughs! We discussed the many things I have done since our last visit, as well as upcoming events like the fundraising dinner and coronation. We also talked about how amazing it was that the year had flown by so fast. It has indeed been a great and quick year, and none of this would have been possible for me without Dan! I am so very grateful for him and his generosity and support for me through this amazing journey. To top off the visit, I gave Dan a star-shaped candy bowl to symbolize our program’s star themeand, of course, lots of chocolate! Thank you very much for your supportand enjoy the candy, Dan!

Kelsey Stout

Miss Inver Grove Heights 2014