On Saturday the 18th, our royal family had the opportunity to attend Touch-a-Truck. It’s always so much fun to be apart of the Inver Grove Heights Parks and Recreation event. So many people came out to see all the trucks and I saw that so many of the kids were excited to be there. While walking around to all the trucks, I got to learn about each of the different trucks and what they were used for. Overall it was a great experience, not only for our royal family, but for the community to come together with each other.

2022 Miss Inver Grove Heights

Final Service Project – River Heights Vineyard Church Loaves and Fishes

Before completing two amazing years of being Miss Inver Grove Heights, I volunteered at River Heights Vineyard Church here in Inver Grove Heights with Loaves and Fishes. There, we prepared and served hot meals and provided snacks for those in the community who are in need of some food. Loaves and Fishes serves food out of River Heights Vineyard Church Monday-Thursday from 5:30-6:30pm. If you or someone you know is in need of food, Loaves and Fishes will welcome you with open arms! I enjoyed serving meals in our community and I look forward to the next time I volunteer with then!

Miss Inver Grove Heights

Final Sponsor Visit – South Saint Paul and Inver Grove Heights Rotary Club

Since my year is coming to an end, I wanted to thank one of the biggest support systems that I had these past two years. A big thank you to my sponsor the South Saint Paul and Inver Grove Heights Rotary Club for being my sponsor. I’m so thankful for all you guys do, and I hope that another person can get lucky enough to be sponsored by you, like I was. Thank you guys again.

Teah, Junior Miss Inver Grove Heights 2020-2021

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Final Service Project – Shoe Drive

I had the opportunity to do a final service project, a shoe drive, with three of my Royal sisters Amy, Ashley, and Autumn. We all collected shoes throughout our community and through people we know. I collected 569 pairs of shoes! All of these shoes will get donated and shipped overseas to woman, kids, and men. I think this was a good last service project to not only give back but to bless other people that don’t have things like we do. Nowadays we take so much for granted, everything that we have and don’t always think about the people that don’t have. Thank you to everyone who donated and it’s nice knowing that all of these shoes will go to a good cause!

Teah, Junior Miss Inver Grove Heights

* Today is your last chance to contribute! You can bring a pair of shoes or boots to the Coronation this afternoon at 4:30pm at the Performing Arts Center at Simley High School.

Canadian Days Parade

On Sunday, August 1st, my royal sisters and I attend the Little Canada’s Canadian Days parade. This parade was super fun. The weather was so nice and we had the opportunity to mingle with lots of royalty. Little Canada is such a cute town and I’d definitely do this parade again. I could not have asked for a better day!
Junior Miss Princess

Sponsor Visit – Quality Auto Care Center

I had my last official sponsor visit with Bruce at Quality Auto Care Center, but I plan to keep in touch! I am so grateful for Bruce’s continued support, not only for me, but for the entire program. Our program would not be possible without incredibly generous sponsors such as Quality Auto Care Center. I love being able to go down and talk to Bruce because he is such an amazing guy and such an amazing role model in our community and so many others. Thank you Bruce!

If your car needs repair, give Bruce a call!

Miss Inver Grove Heights Princess,

Rice Street Coronation

On Monday, August 2, we had the opportunity to attend the Rice Street Coronation. They had 12 amazing candidates that we got to know very well over the last couple months and it was exciting to finally find out which lucky three girls would be crowned. They all did such and amazing job, the judges certainly had a hard choice! I really enjoyed hearing the candidates talk about what leadership skills they developed throughout candidacy. Hearing this reminded me of how much I have grown since my candidacy as well as how much growth I have seen in my fellow royalty and in participants of other programs. This program has had a major impact on my life and I am beyond grateful to continue growing alongside these other ambassadors. Finally, after the coronation, we enjoyed eating cookies, catching up with friends and other royalty groups, and snapping a picture with this royalty beautiful duck!
Miss Inver Grove Heights

Sponsor Visit – Inver Grove Honda

This past Friday, I visited with my sponsor Inver Grove Honda. I met with them to thank them for sponsoring me. We discussed all of the different things I have had the opportunity to do and experience over the past two years. Everyone I met with was very friendly and welcoming. I always enjoy my visits with them.

Little Miss Inver Grove Heights

Terrific Tuesdays with the Inver Grove Heights Park and Rec.

On Tuesday July 20th Amy, Teah, and I attended Terrific Tuesdays in the park with the Inver Grove Heights Park & Rec. We danced with the kids and listened to the live music. I love watching all of the kids interact with the musicians and have a fun time outside on a perfect summer day. After the performance a Mik Mart ice cream truck came to sell sweet treats to all of the kids. I look forward to helping out with this event again soon!

Miss Inver Grove Heights Princess,

Eagan Ambassador Coronation

On Monday July 12th my royal sisters and I attended the Eagan Ambassador coronation. I liked seeing the new royalty crowned. It was fun socializing with the other royalty groups and having cupcakes.

Little Miss Inver Grove Heights