Santa’s Workshop

On Saturday, December 8, my royal family and I attended Santa’s Workshop. This event took place in West Saint Paul, so we were accompanied by the West Saint Paul Royalty as well. This event gave the children in the surrounding communities a chance to come and buy presents for their families. The child’s guardian gives them a budget and they have the opportunity to use the money and shop Santa’s workshop. I was a shopper so I got to walk around with children individually and help them to pick out presents for their loved ones. I had a lot of fun at this event and I would love to volunteer again in the future.

2020 Inver Grove Heights Princess

Skate With Santa

On Saturday, December 7, the Inver Grove Heights Royal Family spent the night at the Skate With Santa event. We started off the night by helping hand out skates to all of the guests until we got to lace up our own skates and hit the ice! A lot of us had no idea how to skate, but a really sweet girl named Ava offered to teach us and she stuck by my side the rest of the night!

2020 Miss Inver Grove Heights

IGH Fire Station Dedication

On Sunday, November 17, 2019 my royal sisters and I went to see the grand opening of the IGH Fire Station #2. I was excited to see the new fire station because it is only 2 miles from my house. This will be a great addition to my neighborhood because we don’t have fire hydrants where I live. I learned that the IGH Fire Department has 2 tanker trucks to fight these types of fires. My favorite part of the day was the nooks and crannies tour with fire fighter Tony Kautz. It was neat to see the hose drying and training tower which is not only used to dry hoses from floor to ceiling, but also used to teach fire fighters how to enter confined spaces.
2020 Junior Princess

Service Project – Inver Grove Heights Princess

For my first service project as the 2020 Inver Grove Heights Princess, I decided that I wanted to make tie blankets for the adults and children that are at and will be at the Gillette’s Children’s Hospital. Over the span of a month I collected fleece donations and went out and bought fleece on my own to make these blankets. I would like to say a special thank you to Diane Rechtzigel and Debbie Heymans for their generous donations. I had to follow specific measurements to make these blankets so that they would be perfect for the patients receiving them. My mother and I spent time cutting and tying 15 blankets. It took quite a while but it definitely payed off and I am so excited that many people will be able to enjoy these blankets, I hope they make their stay a little more comfortable.
2020 Inver Grove Heights Princess

Cottage Grove Monster Bash Parade

My royal sisters and I participated in Cottage Grove’s Monster Bash Parade. Our team was the Flintstones. It was so much fun!! We won first place for most creative. It was fun meeting other Royalty. This was our first parade together I’m looking forward to doing more.

2020 Little Miss Inver Grove Heights

Boo Bash

My Royal Court and I went to Boo Bash. We got to interact with kids at the arts and crafts table. We got to work the bounce house and dance danced as well as played games with the kids on the dance floor. I got to see all of the cool costumes that the kids were wearing. This event was fun to interact with kids and see their creativity for Halloween. I wanted to thank everyone that put that event together.

2020 Junior Miss Inver Grove Heights

St. Patrick’s Fall Festival

My royal family and I had the privilege of helping at the St. Patrick’s Fall Festival on September 15th. We volunteered to help with the carnival games, handed out prizes to kids, and even had the chance to judge the classic cars at the car show. I enjoyed spending my Sunday afternoon with the community and we look forward to a wonderful year full of many more events!

2020 Miss Inver Grove Heights

Your 2020 Royal Court!

Introducing your 2020 Inver Grove Heights Royal Court. We can’t wait to see what the year holds for you all and are thrilled to see you represent our community. #IGHroyalty

Amy Patrick – Miss Inver Grove Heights
Ashley VanKempen – Inver Grove Heights Princess
Teah Anderson – Junior Miss Inver Grove Heights
Taylor Ambrose – Inver Grove Heights Junior Princess
Marrisa Mausolf – Inver Grove Heights Junior Princess
Autumn Anderson – Little Miss Inver Grove Heights

Thank you 2019 Royalty!

“How can I sum up in one word the 2019 royal court? Well, that is impossible. These five young women are fun, energetic, outgoing, courageous, and fun-loving. It has been a joy watching a quiet, shy not outspoken girl blossom into a young woman who can take on a room full of unfamiliar faces and hold herself with grace, poise, and dignity. We could have not asked for a better group of fine young women to represent our city and we should be proud of what they have accomplished this year. I know they will go on to continue to grow in their leadership skills as well as achieving whatever they set their minds to. Good luck in your future endeavors!”

~ Rochelle VanKempen, President
Inver Grove Heights Scholarship Program

2019 Royalty
Tessa Quam -Miss Inver Grove Heights
Alyssa Gaarder – Junior Miss Inver Grove Heights
Natalia Wilhelm – Inver Grove Heights Junior Princess
Abi Mraz – Little Miss Inver Grove Heights
Jayda Wilhem – Inver Grove Heights Little Princess

Join Us For A Light Lunch!

Join us this Saturday (coronation day!!) for a light lunch of hotdogs, chips and cupcakes from 1:30-3:30pm in the Spartan Center at Simley High School. The coronation program will start at 3:30pm. Can’t wait to see you, thank our outgoing royalty for an amazing year and welcome in our new royal court!