Sponsor Visit – Drkula’s

This past Thursday I met with my sponsor Tim from Drkula’s. I thanked him for sponsoring me throughout my candidacy as well as for his continued support now that I’ve been crowned. I also thanked him for the special shoutout they gave me on the reader board outside of Drkula’s. It was fun to see how excited he was about the Thank You gift we gave him. We printed some pictures from my candidacy and gave him some candy.

During my visit, Tim and I talked about all of the fun events coming up. I told him that we get to participate in the dog pawty at Heritage Park, the Halloween parade in Cottage Grove, the Boo Bash event at the Vets Center and the Trunk or Treat event at The Moose Lodge.

Last we talked about how much I was looking forward to bowling in the fall league. This will be my fifth year bowling with Drkula’s.

2022 Little Miss