Final Service Project – Shoe Drive

I had the opportunity to do a final service project, a shoe drive, with three of my Royal sisters Amy, Ashley, and Autumn. We all collected shoes throughout our community and through people we know. I collected 569 pairs of shoes! All of these shoes will get donated and shipped overseas to woman, kids, and men. I think this was a good last service project to not only give back but to bless other people that don’t have things like we do. Nowadays we take so much for granted, everything that we have and don’t always think about the people that don’t have. Thank you to everyone who donated and it’s nice knowing that all of these shoes will go to a good cause!

Teah, Junior Miss Inver Grove Heights

* Today is your last chance to contribute! You can bring a pair of shoes or boots to the Coronation this afternoon at 4:30pm at the Performing Arts Center at Simley High School.