2015 Daddy/Daughter Date Night

On Friday February 6th my royal sisters and I got to go to the Daddy Daughter date night at the Veterans Memorial Community Center in IGH. The theme was disco party. Some people came dressed for the disco theme and others came dressed in formal clothes but everyone danced the night away. Besides dancing there were games to play and a yummy Italian dinner. I had a really fun time with my dad and all the other dad’s and daughters there too.
Anesya McElmury
2015 Little Miss Inver Grove Heights Princess

Heartland Credit Union Sponsor Visit

I had the wonderful opportunity to go to my sponsor, Heartland Credit Union to tell them that I was chosen to represent them and the wonderful city of Inver Grove Heights. I brought the office cookies and shared with them my excitement for the year to come. I am proud and humbled to have the opportunity to be sponsored by Heartland Credit Union and looking forward to doing so well until my reign is over. Thank you Heartland Credit Union for sponsoring such a wonderful program!
 Trish Harwell
2015 Miss Inver Grove Heights


2015 Winter Carnival Queens Weekend

On January 22nd to January 25th I had the ability to attend Queens Weekend that is hosted by Winter Carnival. Ambassadors from all over the Minnesota and Wisconsin came together to experience Winter Carnival, with 93 of us total it was a huge task for the organizers to give us the greatest weekend we could imagine and they were able to do it flawlessly. I had so many activities in just three days! I was able to attend the Winter Carnival coronation, visit rice park, see the snow sculptures, witness the Vulcan coming out, a trip to the science museum, learn the history and legend of Winter Carnival and many many other activities. That is a weekend I will forever remember for the rest of my life and it was the best opportunity. I extend a big thank you to the organizers of Queens Weekend, the other ambassadors I met over the weekend that made my time so unforgettable and the Inver Grove Heights board for making it possible for me to attend such an amazing weekend. Thank you!

Trish Harwell10888521_10206101285398244_3693243196571873993_n

2015 Miss Inver Grove Heights







Sponsor Blog

I was so excited to find out this year that Captive Images Hair Salon was my sponsor this year as a candidate. In January, I went to go visit my sponsor and supported her by getting my hair cut there as well. I met Rochelle VanKempen and thanked her for her support and everything she has done for the Inver Grove Heights Scholarship Program. Rochelle has been supporting the program for a number of years now and has done much for the royalty program. This visit was a great time to thank my sponsor for all she has done for me as a candidate and for the program.

Lauren Henninger
2015 Junior Miss Inver Grove HeightsLaurenSponsor

Sponsor Visit‏ – Dakota Premium Foods

I would like to thank my sponsor, from Dakota Premium Foods, Steve Cortinas. I got the honor of talking with him during the Winter Carnival Coronation. He is super nice and shares the same excitement  about being a part of the royal family as I do. He was actually crowned King Boreas Rex the 76th in 2012, so he let me in on a couple tips on how to be the best princess I can be. It was so cool visiting with Mr. Cortinas and it was even cooler to find out he was not only part of the royal family as a sponsor, but he was also a part of it as the one and only King Boreas the 76th! I can’t wait to meet with him again and tell him about my year. It’s not everyday you have a king in your presence!

Alexandra Mraz2015SPWC060-(ZF-2632-26010-1-001)

2015 Inver Grove Heights Princess


Sponsor Visit – Remax Specialists

I was so happy to finally meet my sponsor, Greg Kuntz, from Remax Specialists.  It was a surprise meeting on January 23, 2015 at the Coronation for Winter Carnival Royalty.  We did not have much time to talk but I am looking forward to telling him all about the awesome year that I am having thanks to his sponsorship.   Now that I know he was also part of a Royal Family as King Boreus I would love to hear all about his experiences too!  The year is flying by and I’m trying to enjoy and remember every minute!

 DSC_2542 (1)
Jenna Roubik
2015 Little Miss Inver Grove Heights

Sponsor Visit‏

On Tuesday January 19th I visited with my sponsor, Rob, from Hometown Meats. We talked about how the first few months of being Little Miss Princess of IGH has been for me, so much fun of course! I told him about the fun activities my royal sisters and I have been doing and about helping out at different events out in the community. We talked about how the holidays is a very busy time for Hometown Meats selling a lot of delicious kinds of meat like steaks, bacon wrapped chicken and other snacks. The beef sticks are very popular but I have to say if you want to try something new try the peanut butter bacon burgers…. they are awesome!!

Anesya McElmury

2015 Inver Grove Heights Little Miss Princess 20150120_154131


2015 Queen of the Snows Fashion Show

On January 17 we had the St. Paul Winter Carnivals Fashion Show. It was super nice to get to know all of the candidates before their big day on January 23. Trish, Alex, Lauren, and I even got to go on the runway and take the most amazing photos ever. It was really amazing to mingle and talk to new royalty groups we have never seen before. It was a really fun Saturday and the candidates outfits were really cute. I loved getting to see and do things I have never experienced before.

Tessa Quam

2015 Inver Grove Heights Junior Princess

Bell Ringing – Service Project

On December 19, I signed up and bell rang for two hours outside the Cub in Inver Grove Heights. My mom and I saw some bell ringer bring their dogs so we decided to bring my dog Jr. He is six years old and he is a mutt. He helped us raise money. For the whole day that bucket raised $362.73. Plus on that day every donation was tripled so we raised over $1,000. I learned from that a lot of people needed the donations and I was very happy to help. I am glad that I can share the experience with my mom and of course my fluffy companion Jr.

Tessa Quam

2015 Inver Grove Heights Junior Princess



2014 Skate with Santa

PC142978 (1)

On December 14th  we had the awesome opportunity to go ice skating with our favorite person; SANTA!!! 😀 Our royalty group arrived at Veterans Memorial Community Center and helped hand out and put on ice skates. We had an awesome time skating with all different levels of skating. I was super excited that I did not fall out on the ice! Overall, it was a great time and I am happy I got to see Santa before he got super busy delivering presents.
Trish Harwell
2015 Miss Inver Grove Heights

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