Service Project with Project Delta.

For my second service project, I decided to team up with a wonderful organization called Project Delta! With Project Delta, I fostered and helped train a dog named Sampson to become a service dog for a veteran suffering from PTSD. He attended trainings every Tuesday and the rest of the week he was in my care to keep training and stay active! My favorite trick was telling him to “hold it” and he would hold something in his mouth that you are handing to him. This could include things such as keys, a pill bottle, etc. It was a busy few months for the both of us and I was joyful to see him improve in responding to commands as well as become more focused in high stress situations. When I was notified that Sampson paired with a veteran it was hard to say goodbye, but I know he will help someone who really needs Sampson’s love and care!

2020 Miss Inver Grove Heights