Ryleighs First Service Project

For my first service project, I helped St. Patrick’s Church in Inver Grove Heights. There were several steps I had to take to complete this. First, I removed all the current Quiet Bags and brought them to the craft room. Quiet Bags are filled with books, toys, and other items to help children stay busy and quiet during Mass.
Then, in the craft room I removed the Christmas stuff and put it where it belonged. I picked out 20 handmade bags and picked out different books and toys that matched the season. My last steps were to organize the new bags to get them ready for the children.
I enjoyed helping my church and the children that get to use these bags. I remember using them when I went to Mass. I plan on going back to help with the Lent/Easter bags in a couple months.
This was a good way to donate my time to help others. I am looking forward to my second service project next month!

2023 Little Miss Princess Ryleigh