Little Miss Service Project #2

In July 2019 I reached out to Last Hope to see if there were any donations needed to help with the fostering of the cats and dogs they help.  After talking to them, I decided to make blankets that would fit in the kennels and could be sent home with them when adopted. I also made belly bands.  Belly bands help train an animal for indoor toilet training. The belly bands are sorta like a diaper holder. They are a band of material that has a Velcro strap.  You can use a sanitary pad and strap it around the belly of the animal being trained. Overall, I made 11 kennel sized blankets and 7 belly bands. I made the blankets in a variety of sizes using cotton and flannel material with different patterns that would be okay for a dog or cat.  I made different sizes of belly bands too, so it would fit a big or small animal. I also donated a very large bag of cat food because that was also really needed. 

2019 Little Miss