Service Project with Project Delta.

For my second service project, I decided to team up with a wonderful organization called Project Delta! With Project Delta, I fostered and helped train a dog named Sampson to become a service dog for a veteran suffering from PTSD. He attended trainings every Tuesday and the rest of the week he was in my care to keep training and stay active! My favorite trick was telling him to “hold it” and he would hold something in his mouth that you are handing to him. This could include things such as keys, a pill bottle, etc. It was a busy few months for the both of us and I was joyful to see him improve in responding to commands as well as become more focused in high stress situations. When I was notified that Sampson paired with a veteran it was hard to say goodbye, but I know he will help someone who really needs Sampson’s love and care!

2020 Miss Inver Grove Heights

Open Door Pantry

On Thursday, July 30th we volunteered at the Open Door Pantry in Eagan. The Open Door Pantry is an amazing organization that distributes food to the community. Here we helped shop for customers and pack boxes of nonperishable food items. Due to the Covid customers are not allowed to shop for themselves so we played a big part buy gathering the food items which they selected from a list, this was a little more difficult than before Covid because we had to pick it all ourselves. We were happy to help out with such a great organization. We also enjoyed meeting the other volunteers they were so helpful. At the end of our shift, we lent a hand in the cleanup process. We would like to thank The Open Door Pantry for letting us volunteer.

Miss Princess Ashley, Junior Princess Marissa, Junior Princess Taylor, and Little Miss Autumn

Terrific Tuesday at South Valley Park

On Tuesday, July 28, Teah, Marissa, and I attend Terrific Tuesday at South Valley Park. At this event, we helped set up and guide visitors to the show. This week at Terrific Tuesday there was a band that came to entertain the families. We loved singing along with the songs as well as helping get the kids excited about the music and being outdoors on a beautiful Tuesday morning. Thanks to Parks and Recreation for letting us attend this event.
2020 Miss Princess

Service Project – Animal Ark

Animal Ark is a non-kill animal shelter in Hastings, Minnesota. Animal Ark has dogs and cats available for adoption or fostering. I collected some dog toys and learned how to sew and made some cat toys with Catnip, and also purchased some cleaning supplies for the shelter. There are cat condos that are really nice that the cats live in, while they are staying there. I was also hoping to volunteer there, but because of Covid, I was sadly not able to. My royalty sister Teah and my sister Kenzie help deliver some of the items.

2020 Junior Miss Inver Grove Heights Princess

River Falls “Quoranation”

It has been a long few months for our royal family, not being able to attend any events, but on Thursday, July 9th, we were able to support the River Falls Ambassadors and attend their coronation! It was exciting to see other royalty programs again and talk to them about what their festival has been up to recently. What River Falls called as a “Quoranation” was uniquely held on a baseball field as we got to meet the candidates. We look forward to spending this next year with the newly crowned River Falls Ambassadors!

2020 Miss Inver Grove Heights

From the Inver Grove Heights Scholarship Program

Although a former member of our program has included her titles from her time with our program on her social media profiles, she is no longer affiliated with the Inver Grove Heights Scholarship Program. Her comments on recent social media posts do not reflect the mission and the values of our organization.

Covid-19 Important Update

Due to concerns surrounding Covid-19, the Inver Grove Heights Scholarship Program Board of Directors regrets to announce that we will suspend our candidacy program for those seeking to become our next class of Inver Grove Heights royalty until 2021. In addition, we will be cancelling our coronation program scheduled for September 2020.

This was a very difficult decision for our board, but we felt it was in the best interest in order to keep everyone safe. We have asked our current 2020 royalty to stay on for the next year and we are grateful that this have accepted this role.

We look forward to resuming regular activities as soon as we can and encourage potential candidates for 2021-2022 to apply on our website,

Thank you for your understanding,

Rochelle VanKempen
President, Inver Grove Heights Scholarship Program

Junior Miss Second Service Project.

For my second service project, I picked making Get Well cards and cards of Encouragement for the residents at Augustana Health Care, Apple Valley.  This place is special to me because my great-grandpa lives there. During this hard time with the Coronavirus, many of the residents get lonely and start to go into a depression so I decided to help out. With the help of so many people, we were able to make 410 cards. We made enough cards to give every resident in the facility a card such as the Transitional Care Center, Nursing Home Floors and Assisted Living Center. I wanted to thank everyone that helped put in all of the work in those cards so that the residents could have a brighter day.
-2020 Junior Miss Inver Grove Heights



Junior Miss Service Project

For my first service project, I did Corey’s Closet. Corey’s Closet is an organization created by one of our board members Michele Fox. This organization is to help teenagers and families with necessities that they need such as toiletries, clothes, etc. Corey’s closet is located at Simley High School. I chose to reach out and help this program because I can’t imagine what it’s like going out with things that you need and I think that it is important that people reach out and help organizations such as Corey’s Closet.
I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the donations and those who helped make my service project possible. I hope that all of the items that were donated help many people in need.
-2020 Junior Miss Inver Grove Heights 


Miss Princess 2nd Service Project

For my second service project as the 2020 Miss Inver Grove Heights Princess, I decided I wanted to give back to the animals in the community. I started my project by reaching out to friends and family and asking them if they would be willing to donate any cat or dog supplies. I was very grateful to receive many donations from so many wonderful people. Thank you so much if you helped contribute to this project. Next, I decided that I wanted to handmake dog toys to donate as well. With the help of my mom, I ended up handmaking almost 100 dog toys to donate as well. These dog toys were made out of fleece that I had leftover from my last service project where I made tie blankets for children’s hospital. This fleece was also donated to me by friends and family. Once I had all of my supplies together I dropped off the supplies at Last Hope which is an animal organization that is located in Farmington. This organization helps to supply dog and cat items to people in the surrounding areas. On top of this, they also help get dogs and cats into foster homes until they can be adopted out. I am so grateful that I got to work with such an amazing organization on this project and I am also so grateful that I had the help of so many friends and family members to complete this project.

2020 Miss Inver Grove Heights Princess