2018 Rice Street Coronation

My royal sisters and I attended the Rice Street Coronation to support the out going Princess Stephanie a former Miss Inver Grove Heights. We enjoyed getting to know Princess Annie and Queen Alyssa they were very welcoming at every event. Even though there year is over they have so many new adventures ahead of them. The new royal court we will not spend as much time with since our reign is coming to and end as well but we wish them all a very exciting year, enjoy it!

Jr Queen Ashley




2018 Rice Street Parade

This year was the first time in a long time that we attended the Rice Street Parade. The people on the parade route were so welcoming. There were a lot of little prince and princess along the parade that were so excited and eager to see us. Rice Street thank you for making this a special parade we hope to be back again next year.

Jr Queen Ashley


2018 Little Princess Sponsor Visit

On August 2nd, 2018 I visited my sponsor CBL Floors for the 2nd and final time. I gave my sponsor a Hershey bar for a gift as a Thank You for sponsoring  me. This was an added Thank You to my prior gift of a framed picture of when I was crowned and a candy dish. It was really fun to see my framed picture on their show room floor. I learned that my sponsor is really fun and supportive. They were there at my coronation when I was crowned and were really fun and nice to work with. It is really funny, that while visiting I learned I love hard wood floors!

Little Princess Cheyanne

2018 Service Project

As Little Miss Princess I finished up my 2nd service project. My service project was to collect hats, gloves, scarfs, winter coats and blankets to donate to the local Inver Grove Heights Fire Department. For a month I picked up donations from supporters in the community. After collecting everything I organized them into bins. I then delivered them to the fire department and helped carry in. The donations will be used throughout the community for families in need during the winter and fall cold months of Minnesota. I learned to be kind and give up things for people in need. I understand that families need help and don’t always have everything when they are having a hard time. I enjoyed doing this because I know that these items will be used for the good of the community. Visiting the fire station was lots of fun to see and I enjoyed meeting all the different fire fighters that work hard for our community to keep it safe.
Thank You,
Little Miss Princess Cheyanne

2018 Pan O Prog

On July 14th my Miss Inver Grove Heights royalty family went to their Pan O Prog parade. We went to an early event for visiting royalty and had lunch. We took pictures will all the royalty from other cities. After that we did their BIG parade and their was lots of people with new faces to see. It was a lot of fun to meet all the new people who support us and talk with all the royalty families. The parade was interesting because it was so long and there were lots and lots of people to wave at.
Thank You,
Little Miss Princess Cheyanne

2018 Jr Princess Service Project

For one of my service projects, I helped Neighbors, a social service agency providing emergency and supportive services in northern Dakota County. I collected more than 20 bags of clothes and shoes for their thrift store, The Clothes Closet, and about 10 bags of food and toiletries for the food shelf. I also volunteered for four hours at the food shelf, labeling all the food that came in, and four hours at the Clothes Closet, putting tags on clothes.

Jr Princess Grace


2018 Miss Inver Grove Heights Service Project

As Miss Inver Grove Heights, one of my duties is to complete three service projects. For my first one, I created something I call Comfort for a Cause. Through this I sewed therapeutic rice bags. They are made from 100% cotton flannel and filled with enriched rice. They can be used hot or cold and are a non medicinal alternative to painkillers. Although they may not have the same effect they still provide comfort. I made these and I donated them to the Minnesota Oncology Woodbury Campus Chemotherapy rooms for patients receiving chemo. I also sold them and raised over $300 in which I donated to the American Cancer Society and the Angel Foundation. I am still selling them and I hope to continue this project. I am so excited to see where it goes!


2018 Miss Princess Service Project

   For my final service project, I collected items to donate to the Animal Humane Society in Woodbury. I have two cats, and the well-being of animals is very important to me. I began the project by writing a letter requesting various items from the Humane Society’s wish list such as blankets, towels, newspapers, disinfectant wipes, plastic shopping bags, bleach, dish soap, paper towels, Kleenex, and zip-lock bags. I hand-delivered 100 of these letters around my neighborhood on July 4th, and I collected items until July 13th. There was such an amazing response, and I collected many, many great donations! In addition to the items given from the wish list, I also collected custom dog carriers and monetary donations from Target and my neighbors in IGH. Everyone was very generous, and I want to thank all who donated. I brought all of the donations to the Humane Society’s Woodbury location, and they were thrilled to receive them. I hope that this project was able to make a difference in the lives of animals in need!
2018 Miss IGH Princess

Jr Miss Sponsor Visit

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the South Saint Paul/Inver Grove Heights Rotary Club for their sponsorship this year. Without their generous donation it would not have been possible. I have enjoyed going their meeting and learning all of the great things that they do like hosting a foreign exchange student. They have given me the opportunity as well to share my experiences with them. On my last visit I was joined by some of my current royalty as well as our current candidates. We had a delicious meal and were able to talk about all of the events that we have coming up and the candidates were able to see what the Rotary is all about as well. Thank you again for supporting our program!

Jr Miss Ashley


2018 Family Picnic

On Wednesday, July 11th, we had the family picnic with the candidates. They introduced themselves, and their sponsors. After eating, we played lots of games, like bean bag toss, telephone, and spud. It was really fun to talk with the candidates and play games.
Jr. Princess Grace