Rotary Club Award Ceremony

The Rotary Club put on an amazing award ceremony to honor those who give back to there community. Natalia and I had so much fun getting to know more about what the Rotary Club does and how they help to give back to others. I am excited to give back to others and make an impact on my community like those in the Rotary Club.


Sponsor Visit

On Friday April 26, 2019, I had the pleasure to attend a dinner that was held by my sponsors who are the SSP/IGH Rotary Club. Also I was able to meet some really nice people. I would like to thank the SSP/IGH Rotary Club for sponsoring me. Thank you not just for supporting me but also for all you do for the program.

Junior Miss Princess 


Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday April 13th, my royal sisters and I were invited to help at the Rich Valley Park Easter Egg Hunt. We were in charge of doing the countdown and we helped pick up the cones after the event. During the event we went to three different egg hunts for the different age groups. It was fun to talk with all the kids and see them work hard to find the eggs.

2019 Jr. Miss


Junior Princess Service Project

On Friday April 12, 2019. I had the opportunity to put together 50 spring bags with candy, toys, play-do, and pencils for Gillette hospital. When I was delivering all the bags I had seen some patients come and go but from each of them I had got a smile which made my day! I was really happy when my mom got in touch with Natalie from Gillette’s hospital, thank you so much for letting me be apart of that.
Junior Miss Princess Natalia Wilhelm

Sponsor Visit

I am so thankful for Gertens for sponsoring me and the program. It was really fun to meet Dale one of the managers at Gertens. He was really nice and gave me orange flowers. I even got to take a picture with a giant gnome! I just want to thank them not just my sponsor, but everyone who supports the Miss Inver Grove Heights Scholarship Program.

Miss Inver Grove Heights


Good Samaritan Brunch

The Good Samaritan Luncheon was a great opportunity to help fund raise for Good Samaritan. It was also a great opportunity to learn about how we make our greatest impressions when we are not trying to be impressive. We got to learn this from Joe Schmidt channel 5 sports anchor. On top of learning about how we make our greatest impressions we also got to meet many people who help run Good Samaritan and how the proceeds from this event helps them give their residents the greatest care.

Miss Inver Grove Heights


Talent Show

It was fun seeing the students perform their unique talent when we participated as judges at the Discovery Charter School talent show. This student’s talent was playing piano. -Abi

Little Queen


Woodbury Luau

On March 23, my Royal sisters and I had the opportunity to go to the Woodbury Luau. My Royal sisters and I got to do a limbo and hula hoop contest. We also loved to see the smiles we put on the kids faces. We also got to see other royalty and past ambassadors.
Little Miss Princess

2019 Daddy Daughter Date Night

On Friday February 8,  2019 I had the privilege to go to the Daddy Daughter Date Night at the Veterans Memorial Community center. I loved to see the smiles that my royal court and I put on the kids faces. I had so much fun hanging out with my community.
Junior Miss Princess

2019 Winter Carnival Torchlight Parade

This parade was truly a spectacular event! For my first time ever, I attended the Vulcan Victory Torchlight Parade and it made the whole celebration of Winter Carnival even more fun! Tessa and I rode on the West Wind float with our dearest Stephanie Sutton, who was a West Wind Princess in 2004. Before the parade started we got to mingle around with the visiting royalty and it was so nice to see some of the girls I met at Queen’s weekend, like the girls from New Brighton, Woodbury, South St. Paul, and Cottage Grove. Of course the Rice Street ladies were there as well, and it’s always a great time when they’re around. Overall it was a lot warmer than last weekend so that really made it easy to keep our smiles on, since our cheeks weren’t numb this time. We love the West Winds, and wouldn’t have wanted to ride with anyone else, YEE HAW!!!

2019 Miss Inver Grove Heights