2017 Inver Grove Heights Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday April 8th my royal family and I were able to attend the Inver Grove Heights Easter Egg Hunt. The event was held at the Rich Valley Park soccer fields. We were expecting it to be a warm April day but it ended up being cold, windy and overcast. But that didn’t stop all the kids from coming out and having fun! There were three fields filled with eggs for different age groups. My royal sisters and I were able to sound that starting horn for each field. It was so much fun watching all of the kids rush out after the eggs. Each field ended up having a golden egg. The lucky hunter who found the golden egg was given an extra prize. Even though the weather wasn’t perfect it was still a really fun day!

Abigail Cheyka

2017 Inver Grove Heights Little Princess

2017 The Minneapolis Aquatennial Ambassador- Women’s Expo

Several cities attended the first ever Women’s Expo, hosted by the Minneapolis Aquatennial. Multiple sessions were offered to help us identify our self worth. We learned how to prepere for our futures and plan to accomplish our goals. Our motto is:  We are powerful. We are brave. Thank you again to the Minneapolis Aquatennial for offering such a powerful event!!!

Kristi Schulz

2017 Miss Inver Grove Heights

2017 Queen of the Snow Fashion Show

thumbnail_DSCN1610On Saturday January 21, I was able to attend the St Paul Winter Carnival Crowns and Gowns fashion show with the my royal sisters, Ally, Kristi and Megan.  It was a really fun event, and I really liked seeing all the candidates for Queen of the Snows in their beautiful dresses.  I thought that the fashion show was really cool and showed a lot of cute clothes.  I wish I could have some of the dresses.  It was also great to see some of the other royalties again.  I can’t wait to see who gets crowned at the Royal Coronation.

Katie Mitchell
2017 Junior Miss Inver Grove Heights Princessthumbnail_DSCN1598thumbnail_DSCN1600

2017 Jr Winter Carnival Coronation

image1 (2)On Saturday, January 14, I was able to attend the Junior Winter carnival coronation with my royal sisters. When we got there we took lots of pictures in our new formal dress and jewelry! After we got done taking picture it was time for the coronation. At the coronation we got to meet all the junior candidates and we even got to see the miss candidates. The emcees distracted us with cheesy puns and somersaults while the judges made their final choice. Finally it was the time everyone was waiting for, the results of who had won. After the coronation we went right to the beverages and cake while the newly crowned candidates were getting their pictures taken. From the experience from our coronation, that pictures with other royalty took forever, we got first in line. We congratulated the new royalty and got a picture taken with them. After that we mingled a little and got more pictures taken. I’m really excited to get to know and spend time with the new junior winter carnival royalty at future events.

Ally Mraz

2017 Junior Miss Inver Grove Heights

2017 Winter Carnival Ambassador Dinner

IMG_2454On Thursday January 5th Kristi and I attended the St. Paul Winter Carnival Candidate Dinner. At this event we were able to see many other royal families Including South St Paul. It was great seeing many of the past, current, and future Winter Carnival Royal court members. I loved hearing the variety of fish bowl questions and getting to know a few of the many candidates running for Queen of the Snow. I couldn’t believe there are 20 candidates running for the 2017 royal family! I can’t wait to attend the rest of the Winter Carnival Events and see who is crowned!

Megan Rauschnot
2017 Miss Inver Grove Heights Princess

2017 Special Olympic Christmas Party

thumbnail_IMG_7358On Sunday December 11th my royal sisters and I attended the Special Olympics Christmas Party at the VFW in South St. Paul. One of the funnest parts of the party was when Santa came. Each of the party guests received a special gift from Santa. Everyone cheered when each gift was given. Entertainment included clowns and face painting. The royalty was also able to help serve the pot luck food including meatballs, hot dish, spaghetti and mini sandwiches. Everyone had a great time. It was also extra special for me because it was my 12th birthday. What a great way to celebrate it!

Abigail Cheyka

2017 Little Miss Inver Grove Heights Princess

2017 IGH Park & Rec Skate with Santa

swsOn Saturday December 10th the royal family was lucky enough to get to skate with Santa. I went to this event and saw many little kids having fun. Lots of them, like me, were using the skating walkers, but that didn’t stop the fun.  Thanks to the help of my Royal Family I learned how to skate on my own.  It was a great event watching everyone have fun with Santa. Thanks to the IGH Parks and Rec for inviting us to come.
Katie Mitchell
2017 Junior Miss Inver Grove Heights Princess

2017 Clouds Choir

20161209_182542On Friday Dec 9th my royal sisters and I attended the clouds choir at the Mall of America, it was so busy, so many people supporting such a good cause! It was fun to see all the people singing “Clouds” and to do it with my sisters.
Payton Litz
2017 Little Miss Inver Grove Heights

2017 Salvation Army Bell Ringing

On December 3rd, my royal family and I spent our time at Cub Foods supporting the Salvation Army. We had a blast ringing bells and spreading holiday cheer. We were blessed with good weather and generous people. Who knew volunteering could be this fun! We received tons of donations and the best part, the donations were doubled!!! Ringing for the entire day, we raised $522.72 for Salvation Army programs and services. Every dollar you helped collect will be doubled and fuel important services for individuals and families in crisis. I would recommend more people to try this!!!


Kristi Schulz

2017 Miss Inver Grove Heights

2017 Sponsor Visit – Katie Mitchell

This week I went to visit my sponsor Old World Pizza. I gave him a small photo album with pictures of some of the events we have done so far. I want him to see all the fun things that I get to do because of him. I plan on bringing him pictures often of all our events. I want to Thank Old World Pizza and especially Brian for being my sponsor this year. I took a picture with the manager and a few of the workers because Brian wasn’t there.

Katie Mitchell
2017 Junior Miss Inver Grove Heights Princess