Ryleigh’s Second Service Project

This past week I completed my second service project. I chose to partner with Secondhand Hounds because my family has fostered several animals through them.
Since it is getting warmer outside it’s much more likely for foster cats to sneak out of windows and doors and become Lost Cats. I made a lot of Lost Cat signs with the phone number of Secondhand Hounds. When a foster cat is reported as missing SHH will put a picture on the signs I made and get them out right away. The first 45 minutes is the most important to find the lost cats. These ready to go signs should help with that.
I also made three different kinds of cat toys- totaling 75 homemade cat toys. Now the foster cats will have toys at SHH and at their foster homes.
I really enjoy helping animal and hope to partner with SHH again in the future!

Little Miss Princess