Little Miss Service Project #1

In Late October and early November 2018, I did my first service project.  Operation Gratitude is the Service Project I chose. With this project, I collected almost 30lbs of candy that was sent to the troops that are currently serving our country overseas.  I collected the candy by going door to door during a trick or treat event. Each house I went to, I asked if the homeowner would be interested in helping me collect my goal of 30lbs of candy to send to the troops.  I also got permission from my church to put out a box to collect candy. Many of the church members graciously donated. I carefully sorted the candy to make sure that each bag I filled had a variety of yummy treats. I then packed them all up and mailed them off to the Operation Gratitude Headquarters.  Thanks to my royal sisters, the community of Inver Grove Heights and my church in Rosemount, I was able to come extremely close to my goal weight.

2019 Little Miss