Little Miss 2nd service project

For my second service project, I chose to collect clothes to donate to the clothing closet at Neighbor’s Inc. I chose to do this, because it’s a nice way to help those who need affordable clothing. The money collected from the sales of the clothing goes to the food pantry and stocking it. It is important to me that I help the community, because it makes me feel good knowing I can help people in need. It helps clean out people’s closets and goes to a good cause, too.
The first round of collections, I collected 327 items. Yudi, who is one of the directors at the clothing closet, was so excited to see how many things I brought in. I collected from friends, my mom’s friends, and family, for a grand total of 614 items. My mom’s car was so full that we had to make two trips.
It’s really nice knowing that I can help fill up the clothing racks at the store. The people who work there are really fun and nice and they made it a fun experience donating everything to them.
2018 Little Miss Piper