Lilys second service project

During the month of December, I spent ten hours crafting 62 customized Christmas cards for White Pines Memory Care facility in IGH.  First, my mom and I went to the Dollar Tree and picked out packs of pre-made cards.  Then, we went home and laid out all of our supplies to see what we had to work with.  Next, we took our fun scissors that had cool patterns and cut out all of the words and pictures from each card.  Then we traced and measured a card onto cardstock to match the size of the envelope. After we finished the tracing, we cut all of the cardstock to make them into new cards.  Next was the FUN part, I got to mix and match all of our words and pictures to make different designs on each card.  My next step was gluing, putting stickers on, and signing each card.  The last step was stuffing the cards into envelopes and sealing them with a sticker.  I delivered all of the cards to White Pines on Wednesday, December 22nd. I hope this brings joy to the residents.

2022 Little Miss Inver Grove Heights