Lakeville Coronation

LakevilleCoronationOn Wednesday, July 9 my royal sisters and I ventured south to Lakeville for the crowning of Miss Lakeville 2014. This coronation was different from others we have attended, but it was still a lot of fun! Ten girls competed for the Miss Lakeville crown and the crowns of two princesses.  All of the contestants did a wonderful job presenting themselves and they all spoke very well! I’m sure the judges had a tough time choosing which women would represent the city of Lakeville for the next year. We also visited with other royal families including the Minneapolis Aquatennial, Delano, and South Saint Paul. After the coronation we took pictures and talked with the newly crowned girls. A special congratulations from the Inver Grove Heights royal family! We look forward to seeing you ladies at other events!

Kacie Bartholomew

Inver Grove Heights Princess 2014