2016 Mother Goose Olympics


On Saturday, September 19th my royal family and I were able to spend time at the Inver Glen Library helping out at the Mother Goose Olympics. The kids that participated were all around preschool age. The weather was beautiful which allowed us to have all of the relay races outside! The events ranged from jumping hurdles to racing to fill up a bucket with water. My absolute favorite part of the whole event was seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces and giving them high fives because it made me feel so happy that they all had a great time! After all of the games were finished we helped each participant make their own medal out of beads and picture cards. They also got to leave with a delicious snack and their very own book! I hope we will get to do more events like these as the year goes on.

 Rachel Wanger IMG_1852

2016 Junior Miss Inver Grove Heights