2016 Farmington Dew Days Parade

IMG_3643 (2)Wow, what a crazy day! Farmington Dew Days parade was our second of the day, but easily the more eventful one. The weather was on our side in the sense that it wasn’t raining, but the heat would not let up! Luckily our line up spot was in the shade. Before the parade we had the chance to briefly talk with the newly crowned Farmington royalty, as well as others. After socializing, we returned to our float and discovered that there was a pig behind it! She was in the parade too, and so naturally, in addition to taking a few pictures, we had to pet her. She was kind of prickly, like a porcupine, but still very cute. At 5:00 the parade began. It was super fun and it had a great spectator turnout. There were few spots in the parade where there was no one to wave to or smile at! All was good until we were in the home stretch. Then, the car battery died. We (as in the five of us on the float) smiled awkwardly as we watched the rest of the parade move ahead without us. However, the wait did not last long because the gracious group in front of us, the people representing Seal King, agreed to use their truck to pull the dead vehicle and float the rest of the way (thank you, thank you, thank you!). Once we started moving again, the crowd cheered, and the five of us laughed as this was surely a parade to remember. Like I said at the beginning, it was a crazy day for all of us, but those kinds of events make the best memories, right?!


Rachel Wanger

2016 Junior Miss Inver Grove Heights

IMG_3659 (2)