Hillary – 2016 Little Miss Inver Grove Heights

13233419_10107641726820130_950430568_nI spent part of my day today with Mrs. Minnesota, also known as Andrea. We talked about different things that we do to help our communities, and we had a couple of things in common! We both love going to feed my starving children. She said she does fewer parades than we do, but does community service by talking to students in schools about bullying. She can’t stand bullying, and neither can I so we had that in common too! She brought an extra crown and sash from when she was Mrs. St. Paul, and she let my brother put them on. He was very excited. She told me that once her and her mother ran 60 miles in THREE DAYS for breast cancer awareness. I told her they make us run a mile in school and then we did some math, we both think math is important. I had so much fun spending time with Mrs. Minnesota today, I can’t wait to do that again!

Hillary Gill-Tabuso
2016 Little Miss Inver Grove Heights