Ghostly Gathering

My royal sisters and I went to the Inver Grove Heights, Ghostly Gathering.  It’s a community Halloween event to play games, take photos, go in a bounce house or dance with your friends and family.  My royal sisters and I worked the event by hosting the games.  I started by hosting the bowling game – every guest received two balls and had to try knocking down the pins.  Then, I handed them candy as a reward and set the pins back up.  I switched stations to host the photo booth to take photos of people with their phones.  I moved to the candy walk where guests had to walk in a circle until we said stop and took a card with a number on it.  If they had a card that matched, they won.  Everyone came dressed in costumes, we were dressed as Ghostbusters and as a marshmallow.  It was a great time and I was excited to participate.

Little Miss Princess