Eagan Funfest

On Tuesday, July 4th my royal sisters and I got to go to Eagan Funfest. The first thing we did was the parade. There were so many people there to watch the parade and a lot of floats, too. We were halfway through the parade when it started to rain, hard! We had to finish out the route then we were able to get off of the float. 
Of course we were soaked but luckily had a change of clothes with us. After we changed we participated in the hula hoop contest then danced for a good amount of time, it was really fun. 
Then my favorite event so far, the Brain Freeze started. I didn’t even know Eagan Funfest had this event before this year. The Brain Freeze was an ice cream eating contest and you couldn’t use your hands at all. I am pretty sure we made it to the finals, but then we weren’t fast enough! 
After the Brain Freeze we rode on the carousel for the Sparkle Ride. All royalty and the Eagan Funfest candidates rode on the carousel together. 
This day was action packed and we all had so much fun! 

Little Miss Princess