2018 Miss Princess Service Project

   For my final service project, I collected items to donate to the Animal Humane Society in Woodbury. I have two cats, and the well-being of animals is very important to me. I began the project by writing a letter requesting various items from the Humane Society’s wish list such as blankets, towels, newspapers, disinfectant wipes, plastic shopping bags, bleach, dish soap, paper towels, Kleenex, and zip-lock bags. I hand-delivered 100 of these letters around my neighborhood on July 4th, and I collected items until July 13th. There was such an amazing response, and I collected many, many great donations! In addition to the items given from the wish list, I also collected custom dog carriers and monetary donations from Target and my neighbors in IGH. Everyone was very generous, and I want to thank all who donated. I brought all of the donations to the Humane Society’s Woodbury location, and they were thrilled to receive them. I hope that this project was able to make a difference in the lives of animals in need!
2018 Miss IGH Princess