2018 Little Miss Service Project

For my service project, I chose to volunteer at the Animal Humane Society. On March 4th, in Golden Valley, I took a class to become certified as a Rescue Reader. This means that I can read to the animals in the shelter to calm them down and make them feel happy until they are placed in a home. On March 7th in Woodbury, I read to cats and dogs. Reading to the animals really made them feel much safer, because many come to the shelter feeling very scared.
I also made tie blankets for the animals. I made seven large  blankets and it took a lot of time. The tie blankets make the animals feel warm. From the scraps of the blankets, I made chew toys. The animals feel so much better when they have something to play with. The shelter was so happy for more blankets, because they ran out!
I chose this project because I love animals and love helping them. I believe they deserve a chance, just as much as we do.
This was a really fun service project and I am so happy that I could help the animals at the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley and Woodbury.
Little Miss Piper