Inver Glen Library – The Royal Guard

On Thursday, July 24 my royal sisters and I had the opportunity to learn a lot about the Renaissance Festival by attending a library event called “The Royal Guard.”  We learned about knights and their shining armor, dragons, and even princesses! (What a coincidence!) They told us about how young men during the Renaissance became knights, all the training they had to go through, and the awards they were given once their training was done. I never knew that training to become a knight began around the age of 5 or 6 years old for young boys!! We also learned that being a knight meant that you were of high status in the kingdom and everyone respected you. The Renaissance Festival people also told us about the very first story of a dragon and how a civilian saved the princess from the dragon. It just so happens that I got to play the princess believe it or not! This event was very fun and it was interesting to learn about the Renaissance times and how people lived their lives. I have never been to the Renaissance Festival, but after hearing all about it I may need to visit when it comes around in the fall!

Kacie Bartholomew

2014 Inver Grove Heights Princess

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