2019 Miss Queens Service Project

On January 30th, the day everything (except my job) closed, I braved the cold and finally completed my first service project! I decided to create a fundraiser on Facebook for helping the homeless and surprisingly, I got a lot of donations and some great feedback on it! I ended up raising around $300 and I went and bought discounted toiletries off Amazon (and a few from Target). My original plan was to create care packages and hand-deliver them to the homeless people who reside in what is now labelled, “Tent City” but after speaking with my mother and a Minneapolis police officer, I was advised to stay away from that area due to unsafe conditions for not only the people living there but visitors as well. From then on, I set out to find the most deserving homeless shelter that I wanted donate my goods to. I stumbled upon the organization called People Serving People and decided to share my gifts with them. It took me a couple tries, because my schedule has been so busy, but I finally found the time to deliver the toiletries and I’m so glad I chose this organization. They are still in need of items so if anyone has any extra items that fall under a category on the list, please do not hesitate to bring them there! They are in Minneapolis at 614 S 3rd Street and they are open every day from 9am-5pm.

If you are unable to donate to them, lets at least spread the word about this great organization!

2019 Miss Inver Grove Heights Queen