2016 Rice Street Coronation

IMG_4646 (2)My court and I went to the Rice Street Coronation. It was a blast getting to mingle with all the candidates and eating some yummy food! Their opening of the coronation was so cool; the current royalty were tour guides and the candidates acted as tourists going through Rice Street. It was so funny!  After that was the awards and crowning. It was sad to see the current royalty go because they were so kind all their reign but, it was nice to see the new court. The judges must have had a hard time choosing three out of the seven candidates because all of them were such wonderful nice people. When we were done with the pictures we went to get cake but there was none left! Well next time I say we go to the cake first then get pictures!

Olivia Aura-Juarez

2016 Inver Grove Heights Junior Princess